“The American Dream Is…”

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One thought on ““The American Dream Is…”

  1. Asim says:

    Hi John
    I can’t say how much insight i have gained through reading this finely written book. While i am not from America i still see a great resemblance in Australia. Perhaps this monopoly isn’t just an American monopoly but one that wants the world to bow its head before it. Then we have the manipulated and brainwashed people who go and create the same system in countries who haven’t yet been subjected to this ancienct Egyptian slavery…sighh!

    I now realize what i subject to in my youth and am witnessing it happening to my brother and sisters. They go to school in which hardly anything worthwhile is taught and come home to sit on the computer for hours on end or watch television. I distract them by taking them outdoors but no way i can get this across to them or my parents especially that parents have an ethnic background and they have no vision outside education.

    At the end of my schooling i came out to realise my hatred for it but was pressured into continuing it. Now four years on i have dropped university numerous times and have a hatred for this lifestyle…mass schooling was successful in creating one more victim of dependency. Any solutions to helping my parents see or helping me communicate this message acroos to them would be great!

    Thankyou and keep up the good work.


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